Carmichael Girls Softball
Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer? There are so many ways to support your girls. Such as scorekeeping, field prep (before and after the game) and of course the snack bar. With your time we could keep the snack bar open for the entire spring season. Check with your team parent/manager for opportunities.

Volunteer Types


Each team needs volunteers and your support is key to ensuring a successful season for the team. Your fees do not pay any salaries – we are all volunteers. Here are positions you may consider in more detail:  

  • Manager: administrative and operational responsibility for your team.
  • Head Coach or Assistant Coach: primary role is to teach the girls and assist the Manager.
  • Team Parent: administrative support for the Manager in facilitating parent volunteer hours and other team needs throughout the season. 
  • Scorekeeper: Maintain game records for the team. Turn in your scorebook at the end of the season.
  • Board Member: There are many positions available; CGS is always looking for more individuals to participate on the board and will even create positions based upon your expertise/interests!
  • Field Maintenance: Assistance with setting up fields prior to games including raking, chalking and bases, as well as ongoing projects such as dragging, clearing weeds, etc.
  • Snack Bar: Varying shifts manning the Carmichael snack bar - an easy role and a fun way to get involved with the league and meet other families!